Clear aligners for teens

At Lake Jackson Orthodontics, we understand that every teen’s orthodontic needs and goals differ. We also know metal braces might not be the best choice for all patients, which is why we also offer clear aligners for our teen patients!

What are clear aligners? 

Clear aligners are removable trays designed to straighten teeth that are almost invisible when worn. Clear aligners are perfect for a teen who might feel conscious about wearing even our clear braces or for busy families who might need the conveniences of a removable orthodontic appliance.

How do they work?

Clear aligners from Dr. McGrory are custom-made for every person’s mouth, and we can design the custom trays right in the office at Lake Johnson Orthodontics!

We will take X-rays and photos of your teen’s mouth, providing Dr. McGrory with a comprehensive look at their gums, teeth, and jaw alignment. This gives us a more detailed and accurate view than the traditional mold so we can spot potential complications at the start. Fewer complications mean your teen can anticipate less irritation and discomfort during treatment.

Dr. McGrory will use these X-rays and photos to accurately and swiftly plan their treatment program.

Once the treatment schedule is complete, Dr. McGrory will then have the first set of custom trays made for your teen to wear. Each aligner is worn for one to two weeks before moving to the next series. Because your teen is sent home with their first few trays, they can switch them at home in seconds! Each tray moves the teeth a little more until they are in their final positions.

Benefits of clear aligners for teens

Clear aligners…

  • …are practical! 
    • Because they are custom-made, you know your teen is getting the most precise and efficient care for their individual needs with as little irritability as possible.
    • Your teen can remove the aligners for special occasions such as prom, driver’s license photos, band practice, or the big game! 
  • …are low maintenance!
    • Cleaning clear aligner trays is easy and only takes a few minutes!
    • Besides cleaning the aligners, your teen’s oral hygiene routine will stay the same. They just need to take the trays out to brush and floss like normal!
  • …have no food or drink restrictions!
    • As long as the clear aligners are removed from the mouth, your teen can stick to their regular diet! Popcorn, sticky candy, and other treats and food are still allowed.
  • …are subtle!
    • Most people will not even be able to tell your teen is wearing the trays. Your teen is less likely to feel self-conscious during treatment and more likely to smile and participate in their regular activities as often as they did before clear aligners!
  • …are comfortable and effective!
    • Clear aligners use soft, comfortable material that applies constant gentle pressure to the teeth and gives our team more control over the shift in your teen’s teeth.
    • The individualized trays have a snug yet comfortable fit that allows low visibility and quicker alignment.

But wait, there’s more!

Clear aligners for teens have some key differences that set them apart from traditional aligners, making them perfect for teens and their families.

  • Replacement trays: There’s no need to worry if your child loses or damages their aligner. We allow for a limited number of replacement trays for your teen’s clear aligners. Dr. McGrory can make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan to keep your teen on track in the meantime.
  • Eruption tabs: Does your teen want to start treatment now but is still waiting on all their adult teeth? That’s okay, too! Clear aligners have the option of “eruption tabs,” which leave room in the mouth for adult teeth to continue to grow or “erupt” while the teeth are being straightened.

Visit Lake Jackson Orthodontics to find out if clear aligners are right for your teen!

While we believe there should not be any shame or embarrassment in any orthodontic journey, we at Lake Jackson Orthodontics understand that a more discreet look can mean a world of difference in a person’s confidence, no matter their age! Dr. McGrory is very experienced in helping patients achieve the healthy and beautiful smiles of their dreams with clear aligners! 

It is crucial to know that clear aligners might not be the right choice for everyone. For example, if your teen needs a more complex adjustment or procedure, clear aligners might not be the most beneficial or safest choice. But don’t worry – Dr. McGrory can help you sort through the available options. 

No matter your treatment route, we would love to be one of the stops on your orthodontic trip! Schedule your teen’s free consultation with our experienced team at Lake Jackson Orthodontics as the first step to a healthier smile.