Finances & insurance

Affordable smiles

At Lake Jackson Orthodontics, our goal is to provide your family with outstanding value for a reasonable price. Your treatment fees will depend on the complexity of your orthodontic treatment.

We believe that investing in your orthodontic health reaches beyond your mouth and has many benefits, both psychosocially and physiologically. We’re sensitive to the varying financial needs of our patients and work with your family to make treatment affordable. After evaluating your case, Dr. McGrory will be able to determine a price that fits your specific orthodontic needs.

If you choose to pay your treatment in full at the time of services, you’ll receive a courtesy discount credited to your account. If you prefer to pay over time instead, you can go with our office payment plan, giving you 0% financing.


We work with most orthodontic insurances in Texas, and our Lake Jackson team can file your insurance for you.

Please schedule your free consultation for more information.