Your overbite can be corrected with Invisalign®

Did you know that your overbite can be corrected with Invisalign clear aligners from Lake Jackson Orthodontics? If you have an overbite, you are a part of the largest reason most people seek out orthodontic treatment. Traditionally, metal braces with brackets, wires, and elastic rubber bands were the standard treatment for an overbite. Now, everything is becoming less invasive, and dentofacial corrections are no exception. 

Our experienced team at Lake Jackson Orthodontics knows that many patients avoid getting the smile they deserve in an attempt to avoid conventional braces. Considering as much as seventy percent of dental disorders requiring orthodontic treatment are overbite concerns, Dr. Kevin McGrory is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest and most effective treatment options ensuring no smile is left hidden behind a bad bite. Could your smile benefit from an inconspicuous adjustment? Keep reading to see how Invisalign might help you.

How do I know if I have an overbite?

Most people know that their teeth are crooked or have gaps that could benefit from orthodontic treatment. But, bite issues? How do you know if your teeth meet properly? For some patients, pain and wear make it obvious, but for less significant overbites, you may not realize that is the underlying issue. 

An excessive overbite, called a deep bite, can be vertical or horizontal. With a vertical overbite, your top teeth significantly overlap your bottom teeth, whereas, with a horizontal overbite, your top teeth stick out in front of your bottom teeth. While these seem to be similar enough, your specific bite solution is determined by your particular “dental” or tooth placement issues, “skeletal” issues relating to your jaw, or a combination of the two. During your initial consultation, our experienced team will take x-rays and unique 3D mapping photos of your teeth and jaws to determine if your smile is a good candidate for treatment with Invisalign clear aligners. 

Typically, most people should have a slight overbite, which is simply when your upper front teeth overlap with your lower front teeth. We say “should” because having this slight malocclusion, or abnormal teeth alignment, gives your teeth and jaws space to meet and rest when chewing, speaking, and sleeping without causing unnecessary stress and wear on your enamel, gums, and bone. In comparison, if the upper jaw sits in a position that excessively overlaps the bottom jaw, an overbite is present and can affect your smile and your oral health. 

Your Overbite Can be Corrected with InvisalignHow can Invisalign correct my overbite?

As with any personalized treatment, your exact path to overbite correction will depend on your specific situation. Thankfully, Lake Jackson Orthodontics offers a variety of treatment options, and Invisalign clear aligners are one of the most utilized options for more than just their inconspicuous aesthetic. Our depth of experience ensures we can treat even more complex cases by combining treatment methods or using special attachments for efficiency. 

The basics of the clear aligner treatment are relatively simple and well-known at this point. Our team will take x-rays and exact digital scans of your teeth and mouth during your initial consultation. These scans will show our doctor what is going on with your alignment and bite, and they will also serve as the custom map for fabricating your series of custom Invisalign trays and the plan of adjustments they will make over time. Once you get your aligners, it is up to you to make sure you wear them as directed, so there are no delays in your smile creation. 

One of the most noted facts about Invisalign is seeing the changes in your smile quickly and clearly since there are no brackets and wires to hide it all while it happens. Due to the cutting-edge technology and the weekly to biweekly series of aligners that make minor adjustments, you will notice significant changes in your smile within about three months. You will have checkups about every eight to ten weeks to get your new sets of aligners and let our team check the progress of your teeth. These are generally quick appointments since there are no wires to adjust or brackets to repair. 

Some cases may require the use of elastic rubber bands with your Invisalign clear aligners to place additional pressure on the teeth to move in a specific direction quicker or more efficiently. Though common with traditional braces, they work the same way with clear aligners but require a different attachment method. Using a tooth-colored bonding material placed directly on certain teeth, your doctor creates a latch, or a button, on both a top and bottom tooth to attach the elastic onto. For correcting overbites specifically, it is common for these buttons to be placed on the upper canines and lower molars. 

Can I afford clear aligner treatment?

At Lake Jackson Orthodontics, we provide exceptional value for a reasonable price. While costs vary depending on the complexity of your smile needs, we also believe healthy teeth and a beautiful smile should be within reach for everyone. Our mission is to provide your family with affordable, high-quality treatment that fits your budget. After evaluating your case, Dr. McGrory will be able to determine a price that fits your specific orthodontic needs.

Still, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised to find out that, in most cases, clear aligners can cost about the same as you would pay for treatment with traditional braces. Often, insurance will even cover much of the cost as they would with that conventional treatment.

We love to SEA you smile at Lake Jackson Orthodontics!

People list a great smile as one of the Top 5 things that can make you more successful personally and professionally. Straight, correctly positioned teeth look beautiful, make other people feel comfortable, and let your confidence shine. Every day, we see our patients transform: people move from feeling self-conscious due to crooked teeth, to gaining self-esteem and eagerly engaging with others. 

At Lake Jackson Orthodontics, you’ll enjoy professional and gentle care, and an orthodontic journey to smile about! Schedule your free consultation appointment today to discover what Lake Jackson Orthodontics can give you an unforgettable experience AND smile! By the time our skilled team is finished, you’ll feel happier, and healthier, and have a smile you’ll love for life.